Project - Transform in a Day Branding
Brand Photography
Ebb and Flow Wellness was founded by Bree Mason to encompass many different services with the intention to continue to grow her offerings over the coming years. After working for gyms for the past 12 years and thinking about going out on her own for a long time, Bree said; “I have finally arrived in a place that I feel confident in myself and my ability to deliver excellent services. I resigned from my full time job and have started studying a new business course and undergraduate in lifestyle coaching.” In the first year of E&F Wellness Bree’s focus is on developing her brand and exploring ways to offer her services to the Port Hedland community. 
After teaching a lunchtime yoga class for the Town of Port Hedland Bree had noticed this is something that could be beneficial for busy working professionals who already work such long days and shift work and may not feel like attending a yoga class in the evening or on a precious weekend off. 
5 Year Plan A wellness centre based in Perth incorporating additional services such as Pre/Post Natal services, Pilates and nutrition to my offerings.
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