Project - Product based company Re-brand
Length of re-brand project - 8 weeks
Brand Management and Photography - Ongoing
Fridgy® is a family-owned Australian company that specialises in creating
high-quality stainless steel water bottles and coffee cups. Our products are
designed to withstand the toughest of Australian environments, including the
harsh conditions in the North of Western Australia where we were founded and
still operate today.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of reusable and eco-friendly
products in Australia. We believe that we can achieve this by prioritising quality
and using only the best raw materials. Our products not only look great, but
they're also made to the highest standards with a stringent quality control
process to match.

We take pride in our unique designs, in which certain features and products are IP
design protected, meaning they are exclusive to our brand. This sets us apart
from competitors and ensures that a number of our products are one of a kind.
Perth Graphic Designer
Before Re-Brand
Re-brand Case Study
Prior to the re-branding initiative, the brand faced a deficiency in differentiation, appearing indistinguishable from other prominent brands in the market. It possessed a subpar logo and lacked a clear direction, with no defined target audience. It featured a below-average logo and lacked a defined direction, without a specified target audience. The logo exhibited weakness, failing to convey a cohesive brand identity. The client's aim was to achieve national recognition, prompting the need for a thorough strategic overhaul.
The solution involved pinpointing a specific target demographic: the hardworking Australian workforce. To resonate with this audience, the product's design required a significant overhaul. Prioritising qualities such as durability, resilience, and ruggedness became essential to align the product's integrity with its visual appeal. The re-branding strategy aimed for a bold, straightforward logo, complemented by crisp imagery showcasing various workforce settings such as agriculture, ranching, manufacturing, construction, mining, and industrial sectors. The objective was to craft a brand narrative centred around authentic Australian narratives of industrious individuals.
The re-brand was officially unveiled in September 2022, and since then, Telling Designs has closely overseen brand management as it continues to evolve.
In 2023 and onward into 2024, a spacious new warehouse was inaugurated in Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia. Furthermore, a national sales representative was recruited to facilitate scalable growth and fortify sales efforts.
The onset of 2024 has witnessed the brand securing placements in over a dozen retail establishments, with several more prospects on the horizon. Ongoing discussions with nationally recognised retailers, spanning all Australian states and international locations, are underway to align placements with the brand's vision. Additionally, the brand's co-branding endeavours encompass some of the world's largest mining companies and, more recently, nationally recognised sports clubs. 
As the team progresses through 2024 and into 2025, they anticipate a demanding schedule but remain enthusiastic about the future, eagerly anticipating the journey ahead.
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