Project - Product based company Re-brand
Length of project - 8 weeks
Fridgy© is your go-to company for the highest quality, vacuum-sealed, and custom branded stainless steel water bottles and cups. Fridgy is designed to help companies and individuals elevate their brand with their staff and customers. 
We will engrave your company logo and/or each person’s name into every stainless steel water bottle or cup. All you need to do is send us the vector file of your logo and we will send you proof for approval. 
Once we have your okay, we’ll take care of everything! Not a business? No worries! Fridgy is also designed for the individual. Fridgy products make the perfect present for friends, family, and colleagues. You can pick a font and customise any colour and size bottle or cup with a name and/or message.
Perth Graphic Designer
Before Re-Brand
After Re-Brand
Before the re-branding, the brand suffered from a lack of distinctiveness, resembling other leading brands on the market. It had a low-grade feel and lacked direction, with no established target audience. The logo was weak and inconsistent, failing to convey a cohesive brand identity. The client's mission was to achieve national scale, necessitating a strategic overhaul.
The solution involved identifying a target audience: the hardworking Australian workforce. To align with this market, the product's design had to undergo a significant transformation. Emphasising qualities like robustness, resilience, and toughness became imperative to match the integrity of the product with its aesthetic. The re-branding strategy aimed for a bold, simple, and robust logo, complemented by clean and clear imagery reflecting various workforce environments such as farming, cattle stations, manufacturing, construction, mining, industrial, truck driving, electrical, mechanical, etc. The goal was to build a brand narrative around real Australian stories of hard workers.
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