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Habibi Bears, A USA based breeder is dedicated to breeding and training a unique hybrid breed designed to offer therapy and support to children with special needs. Habibi Bears expertise lies in delivering exceptional support through continuous education, fostering community, and building connections. Our primary objective is to develop a breed tailored to meet the needs of the modern world. All of this is in support of our non-profit foundation, Hannah's Heart, which these dogs were specifically created for!
Our Habibi Bear is a distant descendant of the Bichon Family, a breed that was believed to originate from the Mediterranean. They were the result of natural hybridization by local dogs breeding with little dogs brought to the area by sailors. Over the centuries, the Bichon Family has grown to include many breeds with a similar story and background, including Coton de Tulear, and Maltese. While these fables are based in speculation, the hybrid line known as the Habibi Bear has been carefully developed without ANY inbreeding to destroy it's genetic diversity. As a teddy bear dog breeder, the Habibi is the result of mindful hybridization and the science of population genetics, to create a line that will excel for companionship, support or therapy work.
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