Latest branding project was for Kerry Robinson Development Group which included professional photography. Kerry was an absolute delight to work alongside. A respectful gentlemen and someone that will be an inspiration to all.
Since land determination in January 2019 the Traditional Owners have made great progress. They have formed a new Pilbara Body Corporation to take on the administration and trust works.
The Kariyarra Corporation (KAC) and the Kariyarra Land Admin Corporation (KLAC) are the two names under which it operates.
KAC represents through it's board the nine family clans/groups that make up the territory covered by the land determination. One of which is the Marapikurrinya Clan whose area surrounds the town of Port Hedland.
The two Traditional Owners, charged with the responsibility of native title clearance is a brother and sister, Kerry & Dianne Robinson.
Jointly they will continue to provide services which they have been doing for over twenty years since their elders passed the responsibility onto them.
Marapikurrinya stands for the five distinctive fingers that naturally occur off the creeks in the Port Hedland harbour. It was important to create a design that represents this. A map of the exact shape of these creeks facing East representing the West Coast accompanying a pattern of shields bordering the creek inlets to convey protection and sacred land restored to heritage status.
Shields also served another purpose, beyond protection –
That of projecting or reflecting an image of power and Identity.
A truly remarkable brand project that we look forward to continue to manage and develop with KRD Group as they begin to move forward within this new corporation.
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