Project - Company Re-brand

Spooled Out Australia was founded in the small mining town of Port Hedland, WA, 6721. They are a small family-owned business that aims to supply our customers with quality apparel and accessories for all of your fishing and adventure needs. Spooled Out passionate about what they do—and they love when their customers share their stories! Spooled Out want you to know how much they care about your experiences and how much they value the feedback received from our customers. 
The company are dedicated to getting families and communities out into the outdoors. It is important that everyone should be able to enjoy nature, and Spooled Out strive to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Spooled Out products are designed to make your time in the great outdoors easier, safer and stylish!
We are proud to have assisted Spooled Out with various branding elements, including multiple logo variations, a color palette, fonts, and on-brand graphic assets. Additionally, we helped Spooled Out identify their target audience and provided guidance on understanding their mission, vision, values, and direction. 

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