About the Client
As a primary trained teacher with a major in special needs and behavior management, they have traveled and taught students globally. Their passion lies in helping students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia, which they also have personal experience with. After experiencing burnout from the pressure and workload of teaching a high percentage of special needs students with little support, they started their tutoring business. Their primary motivation was to assist students who were struggling, and they decided to obtain a graduate certificate in learning difficulties by returning to university. Their business has thrived, and they are now in their fourth year as a business owner.
We are thrilled to have helped Lillian achieve her dream of establishing a strong brand identity that resonates with her target audience. We worked closely with Lillian to gain a clear understanding of her mission and goals, and then developed a comprehensive re-branding strategy that included everything from logos and patterns to branded assets, icons, taglines, and social media templates.
We also provided brand photography services, as well as the design and creation of letterheads and business cards, ensuring that every aspect of Lillian's brand was cohesive and on-point. Our goal was to help Lillian get her message across loud and clear, and we are confident that we have achieved that.
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