Project type - Transform in a Day
Company based at 16 Wedge St in Port Hedland which was owned by Australia Post and was once the local Post Office. 
The owners are about to begin renovations to the building to relocate their current business (AIE Engineering & Construction Management) to one portion of the building, but their goal is to also create 4 additional tenant spaces within the building which will all have separate external access/entry from the carpark/foot paths. 
Each space will most likely be sign-written by the respective leasing business, but also to create an identity for the building to use for marketing purposes, that it might become to be known by (as opposed to the old post office, which is what everybody calls it!)- Intention is for the building to be physically branded at various points to a more subtle, discreet degree, keeping in mind marketing of businesses occupying the spaces will take precedence. 
Core Values Viability, collaboration, affordability, support for success of local business.
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